What is Health and Dental Insurance?

For permanent Canadian residents, public and private health insurance facilities are available. Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) is government health insurance covering basic medical facilities. OHIP offers similar benefits to all irrespective of their social or job status.

Benefits Covered Under OHIP are

1. Visits to doctors or hospitals.
2. Hospitalization inclusive of rooms, meals, prescriptions, and nursing facilities.
3. Test essential for diagnosis.
4. If dental surgery is conducted in the hospital.

Why You Need Health and Dental Insurance?

OHIP does not cover a few essential health and dental care services. Private Health and Dental Insurance act as an additional coverage over OHIP. As per Canadian statistics, 80% of Canadians are at risk of having chronic diseases because of changing eating and work habits. Uncertainties especially related to health have been increased with changing lifestyle and health and dental insurance has become a basic necessity. 70% of health services are covered by public health insurance while the remaining 30% is capable of burning your pocket, especially dental services. In Canada, Dental services come under one of the expensive services. Some practitioners can charge $150 while another can charge $550 for the same service. Ideally, we should get our dental check once in 6 months but due to the high cost, most people avoid it. This imposes a high risk of getting oral health issues. Having Health and Dental Insurance makes it possible to get regular health and dental check-ups.

Coverage Under Health and Dental Insurance

  • Beneficial especially for individuals who are self-employed, retired or going to in near future, freelance, contractual workers or have changed their career path recently.
  • Access to better health and dental services.
  • Less waiting time for doctor or hospital visits.
  • Stress-free regarding any unexpected medical situation.
  • Less financial as well as mental burden.
  • Can opt for regular health and dental check-ups.
  • Can access more hospitals and private doctors.
  • Can get better treatment out of Canada.
  • Medical care is covered if you get your treatment abroad and come back to Canada.

Eligibility for Health and Dental Insurance

  • You should be a Canadian citizen or residing in any Canadian province for a minimum of 3 months.
  • Age band is from 18 years to 69 years and availed till the age of 75.
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