What is Non-Medical Insurance?

Non-medical life insurance is a type of life insurance but does not need the applicant to undergo any medical examination. The process is easier and faster as compared to standard life insurance in Canada. Gives faster response without any hurdles. Beneficial for those who have medical problems, indulge in adventurous sports, or make risky lifestyle choices not included under traditional life insurance.

How Non-Medical Life Insurance is Different?

  • Provide wider coverage
  • No health check-ups
  • Age band is 18 to 80 years
  • Start payment from 2nd month
  • Financial security
  • Mental peace
  • No family history checks
  • Less paperwork
  • No chance of application rejection
  • Coverage up to $25,000 or $750,000 depending upon selected plan
  • No restriction on dangerous sports, risky lifestyle choices or traveling.
  • Covers even if you have a dangerous job
  • Best option if you have fear of needles

Non-Medical Life Insurance Types

There are two types of plans that you can choose while opting for non-medical insurance. You can go for Term Life Insurance plans or Permanent Insurance plans. Coverage offered will be different in each plan. Permanent insurance plans are for a lifetime while term life insurance plans are for fixed terms i.e., 10, 20, 25 and 30 years. You can decide the term period as per your requirement. There are different plans according to the type of individuals under permanent and term life plans. They are:
1. Guaranteed Life: This type of insurance does not require any medical examination or asks you to fill any type of health questionnaire. For individuals having serious health issues. Comparatively costlier. Premium and coverage are fixed for lifetime. Special rates for non-smokers. Not valid for term life insurance.
2. Deferred: Designed for individuals having severe health issues and have faced rejection for life insurance in the past. Not valid for term insurance.
3. Deferred Elite: For those who have less serious health issues but were rejected for life insurance in the past.
4. Simplified Elite: Do not have health issues but engage in risky sports and are not willing to take medical check-ups.
5. Preferred: Having no health issues but want quick coverage. Rates are good and cover up to $1,000,000.
6. Preferred Elite: Fit individuals looking for faster coverage. Offer good rates and coverage up to $1,000,000.
7. Express Elite: Only offer term life plans for super-fit individuals, shorter applications, and lowest rate with $750,000 coverage.
8. Simplified Issue: You have to fill a small health questionnaire for getting simplified issue life insurance. The age group covered is from 6 months old to 80 years of age. Insurance offered is for a term of 10 years or 20 years or can be for a lifetime.
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