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We all love to travel, don’t we? And we all ensure that our trips are planned well in advance to avoid any distress while traveling, be it a short trip or long, a business trip or a leisure time away. However, many sudden life events are beyond our control and can bring a tough time both mentally and financially. Also, your provincial or territorial health insurance plans may or may not serve as a rescue, especially when away from your home city or home country. To be financially prepared for any unplanned situation is one of the essential aspects to consider while traveling.

What is Travel Insurance?

While you are travelling to different provinces or out of Canada, and you encounter an unforeseen event like an accident or a health emergency, seeking medical support can be stressful and quite heavy on the pockets. Many foreign hospitals also deny providing adequate hospital support if you do not have travel health insurance from your home country or ask for immediate cash payments to settle the bills.
Travel insurance is your flexible, affordable, and hassle-free financial coverage for any unexpected travel events while you are away from home. It is a provision by the Government of Canada for its citizens to ensure immediate medical support and hospital facilities while traveling within or outside Canada.

Benefits & Coverage with Travel Insurance

  • Emergency medical coverage, which includes:
    • Physician consultation fees
    • Ambulance transportation
    • Hospitalization expenses
    • Diagnostics and prescription drugs & many more
    • Emergency evacuation
  • Single trip or multi-trip coverage options
  • Family coverage options are available
  • Coverage options for pre-existing medical conditions
  • Non-medical coverage options for
    • Trip cancellation or trip interruption
    • Loss of baggage or important documents
    • Coverage for accidental death & dismemberment
  • Covers you beyond your regional or territorial health plans
  • Worldwide 24/7 travel assistance which is toll-free & multilingual
  • Coverage for Covid-19
  • In case of trip extension, you have the option to extend the coverage, conditions apply

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